Support Bureau


The Support Bureau consists of units and divisions which “support” the overall operational functions of the emergency responders for the Police Department. Under the Support Bureau there are units such as the Investigations Division, the Forensic Laboratory, the Property Room, Records Division, Information Systems, Training Division, Internal Affairs, Animal Control, Mounted Police and the Volunteer Program.


Jeff Arvan

Support Captain

Captain Jeff Arvan is a San Diego native and graduated from Christian High School here in El Cajon. He joined the department as a police cadet in 1985 and as an officer in1989. Captain Arvan transferred to Investigations in 1999, promoted to Police Agent 2003, Sergeant in 2004, Crime Lab Manager/Inv. Sgt in 2005, Lieutenant/CNT Commander/Project Director in 2009, and Captain in 2013. He is a graduate of the POST Supervisory leadership Institute and former member of SWAT.